Tom Wither: Stop raining on the parade |

Tom Wither: Stop raining on the parade

In anticipation of the upcoming 4th of July parade, I have a big concern over the excessive and unwanted use of these super soakers that people on floats dispense out to the parade crowd.

I have attended my share of parades in Steamboat over the years and have never seen such disregard for little kids as well as older folks in the audience as I witnessed last 4th of July parade. I spoke with many people who were either standing or seated near me, and all either left the parade very upset or complained about the excessive use of water hitting them and soaking their clothes, etc.

Whoever is in charge of this time-honored tradition, please put in the parade contract that no water soakers of any kind will be allowed. I have been attending the once-great 4th of July parade on and off for more than 66 years. I hope last year won’t be the last one. Thank you for your consideration.

Tom Wither

Denver (formerly of Steamboat Springs)