Tom Willman: Media and Big Pharma |

Tom Willman: Media and Big Pharma

Roll up your sleeves, your RFID chip is next, citizen! I was taken aback by the editorial regarding vaccines in the newspaper dated Feb. 14. Regretfully, it’s clear to me that your editorial board only avails themselves to information regurgitated by the now “dinosaur alpha-bits,” mainstream, pro-statist media hacks.

These are the Brain Williams of NBC types who make most of their advertising revenues from pharmaceutical companies and take directives from a very deceptive government, which is beholden to those same Big Pharma outfits, their lobbyists and their bankster buddies. For all of you FOX News sheep out there: The son of Rupert Murdoch is on the board of directors of GlaxoSmithKline. Are the dots connecting?

Our ability as individuals to opt-out (the exemption) of complying with what many people in Colorado consider to be draconian-statist wishes is, after all, granted by law. The notion that “rolling up your sleeve” is in the greater community interest, “come on dude, just do it for the collective,” is in my opinion borderline Marxist, if not medical tyranny in nature.

Is this where we as Americans are headed? The RFID chip can’t be far behind.

If indeed we as individuals allow the statists to dissolve the doctrine of informed consent, we are nothing more than slaves to the elite. The underlying basis for the doctrine of informed consent has to do with the fact that all people have the right to basic self-determination the right to intelligently decide as an individual whether to choose or decline a particular medical procedure.

Make no mistake, a vaccination is a medical procedure. We cannot let the ones that are in control take informed consent away from us. All of you that, for whatever reason, buy into the pro-vaccine hype, so be it. Go ahead, roll up your sleeves. Be sure to read the vaccine insert first (if you can get your hands on one), after all it’s only a page and a half of adverse possible reactions.

So, whilst you get all shot up, riddle me this: if these “safe” vaccines are so effective, once you and/or your kids get all shot up, what’s the problem? You got your shot, now you are protected. You’ve got the immunization. You’re all set, right? Just don’t think you have the right to force these vaccines on everyone else. Please.

Forced inoculations have no place in free America.

One more question: If the vaccine that you decide to put in your body is so safe, why are the Big Pharma giants protected from liability in the U.S.? Ever hear of the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act of 2005? Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

No doubt the pharmaceutical industry has done much to aid we humans, but when it comes to “rolling up your sleeve,” please read the insert first, and use your lawful right to know what they are putting in your body. Keep informed consent alive and well.

Tom Willman

Routt County

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