Tom Sullivan: Wear orange June 2 |

Tom Sullivan: Wear orange June 2

June 2 is National Gun Violence Awareness day, and on that day, I will wear orange in remembrance of my son Alex Sullivan. Alex was murdered celebrating his 27th birthday in the Aurora theater massacre on July 20, 2012.

Since that day, I have made it my goal and mission to raise the awareness to the public of the dangers we face on a daily basis as it relates to gun violence. If you can't be safe in a movie theater on your birthday with your friends, we as a society must do more so that you can.

I appreciate the warm welcome I was given in Steamboat Springs in September when I was invited to speak about Alex and gun violence prevention at a local Moms Demand Action event. And I hope you will join me in wearing orange on June 2.

The wearing of the orange is a public reminder to us all. Many of those who will be wearing the orange that day have a story to tell of someone they lost to gun violence so I would suggest you walk up to them and ask who they are wearing it for.

I know how much I enjoy talking about Alex, and I'm sure others feel the same way about their loved ones. Next year, maybe you will wear the orange and have a story of your own to tell.

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I will never forget my son Alex, and I live with my memories of him everyday. Thank you to all who will wear the orange on June 2 to remember and raise awareness to those impacted by gun violence.

Tom Sullivan