Tom Bleuer: Iraq and media |

Tom Bleuer: Iraq and media

I wish to respond in general terms to Tina Kyprios letter to the Pilot & Today on April 7.

Only recently have some of the truths about Iraq and this administration’s deceit been touched on by this country’s mainstream media. Those who opposed our country entering into this conflict did not depend on the media here for our news nor did the rest of the world. We were right, as were our sources. One did not need be a Middle East expert to be able to foretell what the ramifications were going to be. Right again.

I called this newspaper to task on the issue of the nuclear material from Niger and the fact I knew it was false eight months before the State of the Union speech. The point was and is, if I knew it, why didn’t this newspaper? It was sweet two days after my letter appeared. Mr. Bush apologized for the use of those 16 words. I hate to bang that drum, but right again. It’s not a war drum but a drum of truth this country lacks and so dearly needs if this democracy is to survive.

This is not about what I may know but about what so many of us do not know. If you depend on mainstream media sources, you will never know the truth that allows a person to form educated opinions that are so vitally important concerning the direction this country has headed.

Please, take that little extra step and a few minutes to seek other sources for information and news. At the library, on the Web or by talking to other people, give yourself a chance to have an opinion that has substance.

Tom Bleuer

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