Tips on letting loose |

Tips on letting loose

— Do you ever feel like you aren’t being true to yourself? Do you have a secret desire to run through the halls dressed as Wonder Woman (or am I alone in this wish)? Either way, here are a few tips on how to express yourself fully and fearlessly, because in high school, it’s sometimes difficult to do.

1. Wear what you want with confidence. Even if it’s something outrageous and funky, like neon green leggings, if you wear your clothes with confidence, you can’t go wrong. Wear things that make you comfortable and you love wearing – who cares what the Abercrombie gods have deemed cool? Develop your own style. Wear those crazy purple legwarmers.

2. Hang with people who make you happy. Friends who make you laugh and don’t try to change you are the best people you can meet. They will support you and probably be similar to you. This way, you all can express yourselves together. In fact, I like to think of my group of friends as one big mass of similarly crazy people.

3. Be random and say it. Let people know your thoughts and opinions. If you see someone wearing eco-friendly shoes (yes, such a thing exists), and you happen to think they are pretty cool, let them know. Plus it’s fun to say, “I love your biodegradable burlap sack sandals. Did you find them on eBay?” If that guy’s light-up Frisbee catches your eye, tell him. If a person has a quirk you think is cool, investigate; you’ll probably make a new friend by the end of the conversation.

4. Forget inhibitions: Don’t live life always following the rules; it’s healthy to break them once in a while. You may have to serve a detention for skipping class and hanging out with a friend – but you must admit, it was fun. Just make sure it doesn’t become a habit.

5. Scream. Just do it. You’ll feel dumb, but that’s the point. Then laugh at yourself for screaming at nothing. Have a sense of humor about life – it will keep you relaxed.

School and life can be brutal when you’re trying to express yourself. But just remember: With good friends and a great attitude, being yourself makes you a happier, more relaxed person. Happy spring break, and remember to enjoy life and always do your own thing.

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