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Tip your servers

Tip your servers

As the summer season begins to jump into high gear, we find ourselves face to face with many unfamiliar faces. Some of these faces are those of visiting softball teams. Some are those of older folks joining us for the summer, escaping the hot Arizona sun. Some are just passing through on their way to a favorite fishing hole or camping spot. This message is for all of them. And it is a reminder for the locals with “real jobs” who have forgotten their roots.

Servers in this town make an average of $2.15 per hour. They are required to claim at least 10 percent of their sales. This is the money they are taxed on. Most are required to tip a host and a bartender. Some are even required to tip the kitchen. At the end of the day, this can add up to 20 percent of their tips.

Therefore, if you tip a server 10 percent or less, he or she is being taxed on money that was never received.

The public needs to be aware that times have changed. A tip of 15 percent is for average service. If your food was on time, your drinks were refilled, and everything was done with a smile and a thank you, your server deserves an 18 percent or 20 percent tip. That does not mean $8 on 49. Leave him or her $9.80. Or be really generous and leave $10.

If you are frequenting the summer specials in town, don’t forget to tip on the nondiscounted total. Your food was discounted, not your service.

Some may think this letter only applies to tourists, but there are a lot of locals and second-home owners who are guilty of tipping poorly. Remember, the money a server earns goes back into the community. And servers don’t forget your faces and names. They avoid you outside of their restaurants. They don’t frequent your businesses. And yes, they tell their friends.

The money in this town travels in small circles. Remember this the next time you go out to eat. And if you don’t feel like tipping appropriately, get take-out.

Kimberly Hinds

Steamboat Springs

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