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Tinker Tiffany: Voicing dissent is part of democracy

I often think being a conservative or a liberal exists within us at a cellular level. How else to explain passionate people on both sides who care deeply about our country?

It is natural to support people and causes that align with our own belief system. On the flip side, voicing dissent through speech and peaceful, non-violent protest against that which you find wrong is a right inherent in our democracy. And a privilege not available in many other countries — think North Korea and Venezuela.

So when I hear repeatedly that I need to set my beliefs aside and support our President and get behind him and stop “obstructing” him, I get a little thunderstruck.

Truthfully now, how many of you who did not vote for Obama stood up to say “we need to support him and get behind him” just because he is our president? No, many of you had tea party town halls and voiced disapproval and many legislators on Capitol Hill opposed him and voted against some of his bills. As was your and their’s right to do so.

Every president and elected official faces opposition. To ask anyone to lay down and blindly accept Trump and his desired referendum is to ask them to give up their voice. Look how that turned out for the people of Germany under Hitler or the followers of Jim Jones in Jonestown. I, for one, refuse to drink the Koolaid.

Tinker Tiffany

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