Three county sites receive historical designation |

Three county sites receive historical designation

Three properties in Routt County are being added to the Routt County Historic Register.

Routt County Commissioners on Tuesday approved historical designations for the Brock House and Hayden Masonic Temple in Hayden and the Sidney School property about eight miles south of Steamboat Springs.

Historic property designations are considered by the commissioners every quarter with recommendations from the Routt County Historic Preservation Board.

“Some people like to do genealogy on their families; some like to do genealogy on their property,” Historic Routt County Executive Director Arianthe Stettner said.

Receiving historical designation means property owners have collected historical research about the property, identified past owners and found reasons why the property is historically significant. It also means property owners can receive tax benefits and try to get on the state or national historical registries.

“It creates a public and permanent record of that property’s story,” Stettner said.

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The Brock House, at 295 W. Washington Ave. in Hayden, was constructed using ornamental concrete block that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

“That was a very interesting phenomenon at the turn of the century,” Stettner said.

Concrete blocks provided a less expensive construction alternative, and the block construction can be found throughout Hayden. The construction material was produced locally for a long time at the Hayden Gas & Electric Co. building.

Many of the structures have been altered during the years, but the Brock House maintains its original integrity.

The Hayden Masonic Temple also has characteristics that make it historically signif–icant.

“It’s a building located square to the world,” said Mike Olson, president of the Routt County Historic Preservation Board.

The building, at 299 W. Jefferson Ave. in Hayden, was built so it was aligned to true compass points. This makes the building stand out to those passing by because it sits at an angle to the Hayden streets.

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