Thoughtful Parenting: Group plans Routt County’s 1st Parent Connection Summit |

Thoughtful Parenting: Group plans Routt County’s 1st Parent Connection Summit

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We are excited to inform you about an upcoming opportunity for all Routt County parents on Nov. 8 at the Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs campus. For the past six months, a group of youth serving professionals in our county have gathered to plan the first Parent Connection Summit.

Our goal is to make this an informative, supportive, community-building event. This half-day symposium will provide parents of children of all ages an opportunity to learn and gather tools to support their parenting efforts. It is also intended to connect parents to each other to be able to gain support on an ongoing basis.

Our keynote speaker will be addressing the topic, "How to Be a Trusted Adult," and our breakout sessions will be addressing aspects of parenting for all age groups providing information and tools to all parents.

These topics will include: Parenting as a United Front; When Reading Is Harder Than It Should Be; Literacy Development for Elementary Age; It’s All In Your Head – The Mystery Of Self Regulation; Dad's Only; Guiding The Smart But Scattered Child; Parenting, Partners and Me, Finding the Balance; and Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Techniques for 0-5, Elementary, Middle School, and High School ages.

Extensive research shows that effective parenting leads to healthy child development. Children thrive when families provide not only affection but also respectful communication and listening, consistent rules and expectations and safe opportunities that promote independence.

Successful parenting fosters psychological adjustment, helps children succeed in school, encourages curiosity about the world, and motivates children to achieve. Our Parent Connection Summit aims to address these topics.

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Visit to check out the schedule, find out more information and to register for the event. Email for more information.

This article was written by the Parent Connections Summit team, which is a group of youth serving partners. This partnership includes the Routt County Youth Services Coalition, Steamboat Springs School District, Grand Futures, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, Fatherhood Program of Routt County and Guiding Bright.

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