Thomas Ballent: Calling out second homeowners is unfair |

Thomas Ballent: Calling out second homeowners is unfair

My wife, family and I have been coming to Steamboat regularly since 1983. We agree with the prevailing thoughts that this is a special place in the world and with a great community.

Our primary home is about four hours away, but we visit Steamboat as often as we can. We are privileged to own a condo “second home” here, but must make it available to renters in order to pay for itself. Even that is a barely break-even proposition. Nevertheless, we love spending time in Steamboat.

Imagine my surprise when reading the Saturday article about “New taxes proposed,” as I learned that I am not “paying my fair share,” according to a city council member.  We pay all taxes assessed, and this has amounted to many thousands of dollars over many years. Taxes are also paid by our guest renters on their purchases.  

Thankfully, in all this time, we have not once had to call on emergency city services. In the times when no one is occupying our condo unit, there is no potential for anyone to call on emergency city services. 

What a divisive comment from a city council member.  Steamboat can do better than this. 

There will be an answer to the funding issue for emergency city services; however, dividing the community and singling out one group for negative commentary is completely inappropriate.

Thomas Ballent

Fort Collins

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