The next generation arrives for Steamboat Springs Arts Council’s ‘Cabaret’ 2017 |

The next generation arrives for Steamboat Springs Arts Council’s ‘Cabaret’ 2017

The cast of Steamboat Springs Arts Council's 2017 Cabaret: Rockin' the Boat production rehearse Sunday afternoon.

— There's not just one element of surprise in Cabaret. There are many.

Watching, waiting for the next move, mesmerized by what's to come. Will it be a dance number? What parody will be next? Who or what will be the zinger of the next satire-laden skit?

But one of the biggest surprises I've seen at Cabaret year after year is how a cast and crew, seemingly strangers, can put on the high-caliber, comedic celebration of all things local in only five days.

“Cabaret is not like normal theater," said Paula Salky, co-director, who has been involved with the show several years. "We don't have two weeks to rehearse, only a few days. It's a whole different way of doing theater, but for some reason, it really does come together, and the crew becomes really close, as well."

In its 35th year, the Steamboat Springs Arts Council presents the 2017 Cabaret: Rockin' the Boat this weekend with shows May 11 through May 13. There will be two shows each night, at 6 and 9 p.m., at the Chief Theater.

At Sunday's rehearsal, there were several new faces in the cast, singing, dancing and discovering what Cabaret really is.

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This year, Salky and fellow co-director Katy Kriz said Cabaret is gearing up for the 'next generation' of talent to make its debut.

"Our goal is to inspire others to be part of Cabaret," Salky said. "We have a really great crew and production team of younger members from the community."

The stories, she said, are similar to the ones she, Kriz and the seasoned Cabaret cast members shared 10 years ago and are equally funny, sometimes even funnier.

"They offer fresh, young eyes and energy to the show and have the opportunity to shed light on what they are dealing with," Salky said. "It's been a lot of fun and really interesting to see what they bring to the table."

Topics range from the epic battle between snowboarders versus skiers, the woes of Lincoln Avenue traffic and buying a house in Steamboat. Our beloved bicycles and moose sightings also appear.

I don't want to give the show away, but here's what I can tell you about this year's 35th annual Cabaret show.

• Expect to see some new faces who are just as witty as the seasoned Cabaret characters you've known the past 30-plus years.

• It will be funny, very funny.

• You will be blown away by the talent in this show. First timers or not, this cast is talented.

• There will be live music. There will be dancing. Oh, and definitely, there will be singing. Singing, with voices you may never have heard before.

• Did I mention it will be funny? Your sides may hurt afterward.

As one of SSAC's biggest annual fundraisers, Cabaret is known to sell out by opening night. Tickets are $30 and available online at, the Depot Art Center and All That (601 Lincoln Ave.).

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If you go…

What: Steamboat Spring Arts Council presents: 2017 Cabaret: Rockin’ the Boat

When: 6 and 9 p.m. May 11, 12 and 13

Where: Chief Theater, 813 Lincoln Ave

Tickets: $30 online at and at the Depot Art Center