The Housing Hunt: Higher prices leave some community members homeless |

The Housing Hunt: Higher prices leave some community members homeless

Scott Franz

A man is living in a cave on Emerald Mountain.

A young couple would sleep with their backs against a tree until the frost scared them off.

A young man slept on the banks of the Yampa River.

Others camp for weeks on Buffalo Pass.

These people in these challenging living situations have all recently visited Angela Mackey at LiftUp of Routt County seeking financial assistance for housing, or just help finding a place to live.

"A lot of people are living in storage units, and a lot are sleeping in their cars," Mackey said.

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Many of the homeless individuals have full-time jobs but haven't been able to find a place they can afford.

"Even if they find a place, for a lot of them, it's just too expensive," said Mackey, the case manager at Lift Up.

LiftUp offers rental and utility assistance to community members.

Mackey said while requests for assistance used to range from $500 to $700, but now total thousands of dollars.

LiftUp has offered more than $30,000 in rental assistance this year.

It recently helped one person who was living in a storage unit make the rent on an apartment.

LiftUp offers temporary, emergency financial and non-monetary assistance through local its local community food bank and thrift store, and the Community Care Fund.

To learn more about services offered at LiftUp, call 970-870-0727.