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“The Holiday”

Kylie Hawes

What does an L.A. powerhouse career woman with an inability to cry and a British journalist trying to fall out of love with her ex-boyfriend current have in common? A need to get out of town. Amanda’s (Cameron Diaz) on-a-whim offer to switch houses with Iris (Kate Winslet) proves to be the perfect opportunity for them to do just that.

Although it’s a stereotypical romantic comedy, I still found it to be abnormally refreshing. This freshness comes from a surprisingly unique plot (i.e. house switching) and exceptionally well written comic relief.

Alas, the curses of the romantic comedy – humorous predictability and an inability to avoid the four-letter L word, L-O-V-E, as a centerpiece to the plot – pertains to The Holiday.

Then again, Hollywood is very good at catering to the wants of the general public, so it must be confessed that there is something to love on the big screen, which while annoying in its predictability, is inexplicably entertaining and satisfying.

Superb acting by Winslet, Diaz and Jude Law (whose presence is reason enough for seeing the movie) along with great writing combine to create one of the better chick flicks in a long time.

-Kylie Hawes/4 Points