The Curry family: Thank you for the support |

The Curry family: Thank you for the support

To our family, friends, supporters, doctors, nurses, assistants and beyond,

We want to share our most sincere thank you. Our tragic, yet powerful, journey began in August of 2018. Sheila was first flown to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction. We spent more days there than we hoped for, but we were overwhelmed by the hugs, phone calls, flowers, support, meals and more.

Sheila’s room was full of love, laughter and the power to push through. Long nights and tough days at the hospital didn’t get the best of us. It was truly amazing to see how this support carried us on.

After many weeks, we were able to journey back home to Steamboat Springs. This was not as easy as it seemed. The family, kids and animals welcomed Sheila home. Can you imagine the excitement of those kiddos, pups and kitties?

Upon coming home, I knew our life would change drastically. We did this with relative ease because of our incredible support system. A million thank-yous will never be enough.

In October, the community came together and threw Sheila a little party. Schmiggity’s, you all were so incredibly kind to host this wonderful evening. We are not sure that every attendee, supporter, organizer and musician understands the importance and love experienced by this evening — we thank you all so much.

In the past couple of months, we have witnessed unending support, especially during the holidays. From a card, meal, hug and hello, our days have been filled with warmth and love. As 2019 begins, we hope you keep us in your thoughts and prayers. As Sheila progresses, she sure does enjoy seeing familiar faces.

We sincerely wish everyone the best for this year and beyond,

Eric and Sheila Curry and family

Steamboat Springs

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