The art inside |

The art inside

Interior decorating made simple

Everyone has wanted to change the look of a room without forking out thousands or even hundreds of dollars to do so. It may be the color you’re going for or a new look all together.

We’ve asked some local interior design experts how to fix up the inside of a house for hardly any money at all. But you have to be willing to commit some time.

Irene Nelson of Irene Nelson Interiors said, of course, paint is the easiest and most inexpensive.

“You can have a tired piece of furniture and paint it. Like if you have white walls and your grandmother’s old dresser you can paint that,” Nelson said. “There’s a gazillion things you can do with paint.”

Jody Feeley of Olivia’s Home Furnishings said many people are afraid to step out, but painting is the most noticeable change you can make.

“If you really wanted, you could paint something to change it completely,” Feeley said. “It’s a quick fix and inexpensive.”

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Interior decorator Kim Noel agreed that painting is the least expensive way to create the most impressive difference.

Texturing walls also is a popular way to add flavor to a room by sponge painting, rag painting or marble painting.

Noel said keeping neutral colors in a home is a smart move because of the ability to add to it.

“Accessorize to add zip to the house. You can change accessories as your tastes change without having to change everything else,” Noel said.

Nelson said lighting is one thing many people just don’t seem to get.

“People miss the boat a lot with lighting,” Nelson said.

Direct lighting is never the best lighting, but you can quickly change that by reflecting the light off of something.

“Orchestrate a way to reflect the light off the ceiling or a wall. Reflected light is always prettier than direct light,” Nelson said. “You’re going to look 10 years older with recessed cans. It’s not the most flattering light.”

Compiled by Kelly Silva