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Thanks Taylor, White

Thanks Taylor, White

Since 1993, our community has voted on three separate occasions to dedicate the collection of a city half-cent sales tax for educational purposes within our school district. The Steamboat Springs Education Fund administers the allocation of these funds. The creation of the fund was in complete compliance with all state statutes and with all state school finance regulations.

These dollars have benefitted not only the students of the Steamboat Springs School District but also neighboring districts in South Routt and Hayden through the services of a grant writer. More than $2.5 million has been generated for programs and facilities in these other districts.

Recently, an elected representative launched a challenge in the Colorado General Assembly regarding the legality and equity of our half-cent sales tax mechanism. His objective with HB 1397 was to prevent any future distribution of these funds as gifts to our school district. Had he been successful, his efforts would have prevented our school district and other districts across the state from accessing funds from any local governmental entities.

Through the efforts and support of our legislators, Rep. Al White and Sen. Jack Taylor, the House Education Committee voted to remove the language in HB 1397 that would have eliminated our school district’s ability to access revenues from the half-cent sales tax. Our attorney effectively addressed the legality of the revenue source, and we informed the legislative committee of the nonprofit status of the Education Fund and of the mechanism of our gifting process. We could not have blocked this legislative initiative without the skillful and professional leadership of White and Taylor.

We will continue to work collaboratively with statewide educational organizations to preserve school districts’ ability to accept donations for educational purposes. Rep. White and Sen. Taylor will continue to monitor the legislative process and keep us informed. Their diligence to block this capricious legislative initiative and support our half-cent sales tax is greatly appreciated.

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