Thanks Ski Patrol |

Thanks Ski Patrol

Thanks Ski Patrol

I wanted to write to thank the Steamboat Ski Patrol, and especially Kelly, for bailing me out of trouble.

Our family had a great time skiing last week. On St. Patrick’s Day, my wife, Lisa, went boarding with our eldest daughter, Natalie. That left me in control (perhaps not the right word) of Ingrid, 12, and Tony, 7.

As luck would have it, I lost Tony. After waiting at the Thunderhead lift for about a half hour, and sending Ingrid on several reconnaissance routes, I approached a Ski Patrol Member named Kelly and admitted my negligence.

She was so kind and helpful. She told me how this happens a lot (even to responsible parents) and explained how they take lost kids to a special place, feed them milk and cookies, etc. I was instantly reassured.

She then said she would retrace our route on her board looking for Tony. Another half hour passed and I saw one of the happiest sights I have seen in a long time — Kelly and Tony skiing down the run toward me. She found him chatting up the lift operator at the Pony Express lift, who I also want to thank.

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We had the luck of the Irish this year, thanks to Kelly and the Steamboat Ski Patrol. I offered her a tip, but she refused to take it.

Thanks. We will be back.

Tom Baudler

Austin, Minn.