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Teresa Harrison: Silence is not golden

On Wednesday, May 15, 13 Steamboat Springs High School students and three coaches piled into two white Suburbans that quietly drove out of the Steamboat High School parking lot headed for the Colorado State Track and Field competition.

No announcement from administration within the school, no streamers, balloons or signs supporting the Sailors, no students cheering them on or lining the parking lot. Just two cars leaving town, like it’s a normal thing. Is it a normal thing to have 13 athletes representing our community and town, by being first through 18th in the state in their event?

Maybe it seems normal since we are a town full of Olympians, world record holders and elite athletes, but it’s not. There are 60 4A schools that compete in track and field. The Sailors track and field team has over 140 athletes. I would say sending 13 athletes to the state track and field meet is a big deal for our community.

Whether you have a student in the Steamboat Springs School system or don’t even know where the high school is, supporting the young people in our community should be a priority. They are the future of Steamboat Springs, our country and the world.

Wherever our youth end up landing in the future, my hope is they will be proud of where they are from. Athlete or not, our youth have the wonderful benefit, and some detriment at times, of growing up in a small community. Learning from and being supported by the amazing leaders and people of Steamboat Springs is a key element in our students’ success.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice for the younger generation to understand the older members of our community who actually know a thing or two. Support is a two-way street.

I understand you most likely were unaware Steamboat Springs High School was sending any athletes to state track and field, let alone any other sport, drama or scholastic competition happenings. I urge the Steamboat Springs school board, administration, club leaders and parents to please share the good news of our students’ achievements.

Thank you and go Sailors.

Teresa Harrison


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