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Teresa Audesirk: Preserve energy

I was impressed by Rich Beason's series of Energy Diet Challenge Checklist articles. After reading his final "Advanced actions to save energy" article in Friday's Steamboat Today, I couldn't help but think that Steamboat's Lincoln Avenue businesses currently are a showplace for "Simple ways to waste huge amounts of energy." One after the other, I passed front doors propped wide open, then I came to the bank thermometer reading 37 degrees! (This waste happens in summer, as well, when visitors wearing shorts walk through open doors to encounter arctic air conditioning inside.)

Our beautiful environment attracts people here. What could be better than helping to preserve it while saving the money that's currently pouring out through these wide open doors? Wouldn't it be wonderful if the downtown business culture could find a new and better way to welcome customers? How about big green signs in every window saying:

"Welcome! Open the door and come on in. It's warm and cozy inside for you, our friends."

Teresa Audesirk

Steamboat Springs