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Ted Stehle: Shout out to Steamboat business

I want and need to give a massive shout-0ut of thanks and gratitude to the new ownership of Precision Repair Service & Sales of Steamboat Springs.

I am a frequent visitor from Boston and am here this week to help a dear friend who just had surgery. I needed to cut her small patch of grass at her home, which had grown to over a foot.

After repeated tries, her 30-year-old lawnmower would not turn over, so I took the mower without notice to Precision and explained my urgent need, knowing this is the high season for mower repair. The new owner Kelly Phillips actually offered his own mower to lend me but then asked his associate Jim to take a look at my friend’s equipment.

Jim smiled as he looked at me and said, "no good deed goes unpunished," but 15 minutes later, he had my mower running like new, and I was headed back out of town to cut the grass.

This was tremendous customer service even for me, an unknown East Coast flatlander. Precision, you just got a new lifetime customer. May you have much ongoing future success.

Ted Stehle

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Boston, Massachusetts