Tattoo of the week: Daniel Ossen |

Tattoo of the week: Daniel Ossen

The tattoo is a traditional Japanese dragon with four symbols. The top one represents life, the bottom is death, the one on the left means Samurai and the one on the right is Zen.

I got it done in January or February of last year by Brad Cramer of Truth Tattoo.

I’ve studied martial arts and the Samurai culture for a long time and been looking for a tattoo for 10 years. Brad and I talked it over for two hours and he came up with the idea of the dragon and drew an original one so nobody else would have something like this.

The Japanese believe that certain dragons are protectors. This four-fingered dragon of peace is the worst to upset because if it went to war, it would be the fiercest dragon to go into battle.

The symbols represent parts of the Samurai culture. They believed that from the moment you’re born, you start to die and should live your life to perfection and not take anything for granted. The word Samurai means to serve, and I am in service to my family and friends. And the Zen symbol represents my spirit, well-being and core.

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