Suzy Pattillo: Cussing agreement |

Suzy Pattillo: Cussing agreement

Cussing agreement

This is in response to Shannon Luthy’s “Watch Your Mouth” letter in last Sunday’s newspaper.

My response to Shannon is “right on, way to go girlfriend.”

I too am disgusted with disrespectful, ignorant people who think cussing is cool. I’m here to say it’s not cool to cuss.

I was glad to see a sign at Sunlight ski area that said cussing isn’t cool. I am ashamed at myself for cussing quite a bit in the past. I recently attended a concert at Levelz, and the person standing next to me was either so drunk, ignorant or both to say anything else but the “F” word between every sip of beer.

I once wrote a letter to the South Routt Now when my daughter was about 7. It stated that I was sick of hearing profanity at the park in Oak Creek. Those kids I told to watch their mouths had the same response to your requests, Shannon. That rancher was either too ignorant or couldn’t come up with any respectful English word to say to you.

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It’s a real shame when people habitually use profanity to express themselves.

Suzy Pattillo