Suzanne Burke: Gen Xers and younger have real voting power |

Suzanne Burke: Gen Xers and younger have real voting power

Gen Xers, Millennials and Post-Millennials, voter apathy is not an option; vote on Nov. 6.

Together, you make up the largest group of eligible voters in this country. You have real power to implement change starting in this midterm election on Nov. 6.

There are so many Americans who are angry about the chaos and dysfunction in Washington, D.C. Who is deciding the issues that are important to you? 

Right now there are no actual checks and balances on the three branches of our federal government. One political party controls all three branches: the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. Let that sink in. Get out and vote for lawmakers who make policy decisions that reflect your values.

According to Pew Research, 59 percent of adults who are eligible to vote are Gen Xers, Millennials or post-Millennials.

  • Some issues you can influence:
  • Climate change and the environment got you worried?
  • Is net neutrality important to you?
  • In a global economy, how do you feel about an America First policy?
  • Bolster our cyber security? Build a wall? 
  • Immigration — Do immigrants contribute to our economy? OK to rip children away from their parents at the border? How about the Dreamers?
  • Health care —got a pre-existing condition? Want to make it affordable?
  • Income inequality — how do you feel about that?
  • Common sense gun control important to you? Which reps are taking money from the NRA?
  • Women’s rights, including abuse, reproductive rights, equal pay, etc. It is 2018, right?
  • Legalization of marijuana?
  • Consumer protections or protect large corporations?
  • Where is your tax money going? Want transparency?

Your vote on Nov. 6 can help bring about the change you want to see. Register to vote at

Suzanne Burke

Steamboat Springs

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