Supplemental budget OK’d |

Supplemental budget OK’d

School Board discovers unexpected revenues will help

Mike McCollum

A windfall of unanticipated revenues led to the Steamboat Springs School Board approving a supplemental budget Monday night.

“When we set the budget in October, there are certain things that may or may not happen during the year,” said Dale Mellor, the district’s director of finance. “In some cases, we go over the final budget that we adopt in October and I (later) state all the actual appropriated additional money to cover that overage.”

The district had unexpected nutritional services expenditures, as well as extra salaries for Gifted and Talented teachers and health teachers.

“We were told we were going to get $10,000 from the state for (gifted and talented salaries and health salaries),” he said. “We budgeted for $10,000, and it came in a good bit higher than that at $31,000.”

The School Board also approved additional funds for the district’s nutritional services department.

“On the nutritional services budget, we blew it,” he said. “We didn’t budget enough. Our costs were way over budget.”

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Mellor said the cost of food and transporting it to Steamboat was more expensive than the district had anticipated.

“Food costs itself was also more expensive,” he said.

The School Board approved a revised budget of $92,000, an increase of $53,000, for nutritional services.

“The current budget this year anticipates similar high costs,” Superintendent Sandra Smyser said.

“I heard from our food services director that food commodities are going to double,” Mellor said. “But we may not have it doubled in our budget.”

Because of an unexpected increase in funds generated from property taxes, the board approved additional interest payments on the district’s general obligation bonds.

The board also approved an increase of expenditures of the Capital Projects Fund because of the passage of general obligation bonds for the payment of capital building expenses.

To help ensure the district avoids having to pay for cost overages, Mellor said he is going to be more “vigilant” in reviewing monthly expense reports.

“I can head these things off before we have a problem,” he said. “I’m going to sit down with directors on a monthly basis to go over their budgets with them.”

Board member Jerry Kozach asked Mellor whether it was normal to spend money on cost overruns before the board approves the supplemental budget.

“There isn’t a normal thing,” Mellor said. “What I tend to do is wait until then end of the year so that I don’t have to come forward every month with another supplemental budget. I pool it all at the end of the year so you have four (supplemental budgets) instead of 50.”

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