Super Seniors: Gigi Walker |

Super Seniors: Gigi Walker

Gigi Walker

Editor’s note: The Steamboat Pilot & Today asked readers to tell us about their favorite seniors over the age of 75 and then we asked these Super Seniors to share their secrets to living a long and healthy life. 

Gigi Walker

Age: 75

Super powers: “No regrets” is Walker’s rallying cry, and she never misses a social gathering, an art event or an opportunity to enjoy Steamboat Springs. For 40 years, Walker has been riding her bike three miles up to a teepee, where she lives in the summer months. She enjoys hikes with grandchildren, painting with her daughter, Chula Beauregard, doing errands on her bike with dog Gidget by her side and going on adventures with her husband, Johnny.

What are your secrets to living a long and healthy life?

“My favorite form of transportation is my bicycle, and I’m most comfortable living outside in our natural environment. The beauty that surrounds us is very dear to me, and I’ll do anything I can to protect it. I’d love to see Steamboat Springs as a sustainable community and be free from single-use plastic in my lifetime. I was lucky to grow up in Colorado with a family that loved to camp and hike. My husband, Johnny, and I lived several winters on our small cruising sailboat with our two girls and in a summer camp near Steamboat for 36 years.”

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