Sue Lewis: Mistakes are minimal |

Sue Lewis: Mistakes are minimal

— I am writing in response to the article “This marriage is over” (Steamboat Today, Sept. 27).

I am proud to say that I work for the Routt County Regional Building Department. We work very hard and take a personal interest in helping homeowners and contractors meet their deadlines.

Bud Rodgers, of Bud Rodgers Construction, stated during the Users Board meeting that the service of the Routt Building Department is the most professional and easiest to work with in comparison to other states and counties he has worked in.

John Shively of Shively Construction and the Yampa Valley Construction Trades Association expressed concern that with an outside provider, the building department’s services would increase in cost and there would be delays in permitting. John also expressed concern that there would be no local contact to address questions and concerns that so often come up during a construction project.

Gary Cogswell, a longtime local builder and conservation advocate, noted that there were many angry accusations about a department that has been well run for many years.

Michael Olsen, an architect, stated that he has a concern with the prospect of having to work with two different departments in a tight-knit community. Olsen and Cogswell agreed that it is larger than two departments – it’s about the community as a whole.

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The city talks about our mistakes. We are human, and if you consider the volume and diversity of work we don on a daily basis, the mistakes are minimal. We don’t have the opportunity to exploit the city’s mistakes, nor do we want to. I must say that the staff at the city of Steamboat who we deal with on a daily basis are great to work with and very accommodating.

The contractors, engineers and architects who have spoken to the building department express nothing but remorse at the “level of service” they fear is in store for them when the split occurs.

Sue Lewis

Steamboat Springs