Stuart Orzach: We need Towny |

Stuart Orzach: We need Towny

I am responding to George Noyer’s misleading personal attack on Towny Anderson.

Towny’s cause was neither “selfish” nor “personal.” He stood up for Steamboat Springs against a Board of County Commissioners that chose to violate the law, the Freedom of Information Act, in order to force their way on the residents of Steamboat. He stood up against a federal agency, the Army Corps of Engineers, that succumbed to political influence and reversed its own decision. He stood up in the face of scathing personal abuse from the commissioners as well as the Steamboat Pilot & Today. And he did it all for the good of the current and future residents of Steamboat with not an ounce of personal benefit nor a whiff of conflict of interest.

That’s the kind of courage and leadership that I want to see on City Council. The “go along to get along” philosophy preached by Bud Romberg and practiced by his cronies, the City Council majority, has put our community in a predicament where everything we hold dear is threatened. Why anyone would want to bring back Bud and his tired and ineffective ways is beyond me.

The city and the county didn’t get along before the courthouse proposal, and they don’t get along now. Their failure to come up with an acceptable plan to keep the courthouse downtown is a direct result of their inability to collaborate and the total lack of credibility and respect between the two boards. May I remind you that the City Council unanimously supported keeping the courthouse downtown as well as opposing the Army Corps’ decision.

Towny Anderson has a long history of successful collaboration and relationship-building in the public and private sectors, with friend and foe alike. This is the kind of experience and expertise we need to solve the problems we face and move our community forward.

Collaboration is based on respect, not friendship. It is earned, not given. Mr. Anderson has earned my respect. That’s a lot more than I can say for his opponents and for the majority on our council. Towny Anderson has my vote.

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