Still loud and obnoxious |

Still loud and obnoxious

Autumn Phillips

Six mangled microphone stands, several broken E strings and a few bleeding eardrums later, The Plagiarists are still going strong.

Last Halloween, The Plagiarists played its first show. On Monday night, exactly one year later, they’ll celebrate everything that’s happened since they screamed their first NOFX song at Steamboat.

During the past year, The Plagiarists’ set list has grown from a few punk and hardcore covers to include several original songs.

You won’t hear any sappy love songs or deep-thought emo songs at a Plagiarist show. Their songs are about having fun and being loud and obnoxious.

“Our songs are about nothing,” frontman Sam Gordon said. “I wish I could say it was about something deep, but it’s really not.”

When the band members first got together, they had no idea how many gigs they would end up playing or how popular they would be. Plagiarists’ shows are always packed.

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They’ve played regularly at the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, had a show at Levelz and played at Labor Day festivities in Oak Creek. They’ve also played a few shows in Fort Collins, including an opening slot for the band No Means No at the Aggie Theatre.

Monday night’s Plagiarists show will start and end early for revelers who have tickets to Blackalicious the same night at Levelz.

You’ll know the show is almost over when the band starts playing “Born to Lose.” Gordon will point the microphone toward the crowd, and a group of the sweaty faithful will push their way toward the stage to scream along.

¤ The Plagiarists

¤ 9 to 11 p.m. Monday

¤ Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, 628 Lincoln Ave.

¤ Free

¤ 871-6277