Steve Rummler: Don’t believe the partisan hype |

Steve Rummler: Don’t believe the partisan hype

It is my feeling that most partisan arguments, whether conservative, liberal or other, are efforts to formulate and promote solutions for honest, heartfelt concerns. We would do well to listen to these concerns. They need to be addressed if we are to be “one nation, indivisible.”

Realistically, these concerns have a lot to do with fear, and often the arguments digress into name-calling or even outright fabrications. But still the underlying concerns are real and legitimate. Too often, only the extreme solutions get debated and too often it is our favorite news outlets trying to control the debates. Let’s be clear on this issue, many news channels exploit the extremes. Why? More disparate debaters suck viewers in. This in turn leads to higher ratings. And that leads to more ad revenues. After all, they are in the business to make money.

I would suggest that we remember news channels only rarely report sensible solutions. Sensible solutions are those that address varied concerns. Sensible solutions do not fan the fires of partisan politics. In fact, inclusive solutions might even end the need for further debate. If that were to happen, what would fill the rest of our news shows? And would we watch? Instead of watching television, we might just choose to spend more time with our families, walking our dogs, or doing whatever else helps bring meaning to our lives.

I believe that there are creative solutions for all of the problems that face this precious nation. Let’s get working on them. Each side has strengths that the other side needs and we are at our best when we are working together. I would like for our representatives in all levels of government to engage in a search for inclusive solutions “in order to form a more perfect union.”

Steve Rummler

Steamboat Springs

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