Steve Lewis: Business owners have already ‘pitched in’ |

Steve Lewis: Business owners have already ‘pitched in’

"Time to pitch in," a Steamboat Pilot & Today editorial, recently reminded us the city is making significant infrastructure investments downtown. This is great work and appreciated. Thank you!

But it was disappointing to then read "it’s now time for business owners who are benefitting from that investment to step up and take on a share of the costs." The Pilot argues downtown commercial property owners should now step up and tax themselves with a property tax for a Business Improvement District — BID.

I'll wait to learn more before commenting on the BID, but I thought everyone knew — downtown property owners have stepped up, paying for 75 percent of the sidewalks recently placed in the city right-of-way beside their property. Some owners, including myself, had already installed sidewalks, so we paid 100 percent.

This work is not cheap. For example, under the same program sidewalks on 13th Street are also planned, and there the city estimates I will pay $19,000 for the sidewalk beside my property. Once built, property owners must clear winter snow and ice from these sidewalks for the public to enjoy them.

To my peers who've already helped build those sidewalks and are maintaining them — thank you! Your investment is appreciated. To the public now able to walk more safely about town, you are welcome. Smiley face goes here.

Steve Lewis

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