Steve Corzette: Friends a on powder day |

Steve Corzette: Friends a on powder day

With 15 inches of fresh powder, I dropped off the untracked small face on Triangles when both skis pre-released. (Forgot to tighten the summer settings on the old pocket rockets).

During my 15 minutes searching for a lost ski, three dudes on boards and no less than seven skiers of both genders stopped to offer assistance … to a total stranger. I responded with thanks, there are "no friends on powder day," take off and enjoy.

They smiled and silently glided down the white abyss. I found the missing ski, tightened the bindings at Four Points, and proceeded with two hours of bliss in the trees.

Contrary to popular belief, there are "friends on powder days … in Steamboat."

Is this a great place to live? Thank you, friends.