Stephen W. Baum: Newspaper serves up ‘soul poison’ from NY |

Stephen W. Baum: Newspaper serves up ‘soul poison’ from NY

I came across your publication on a visit to northern Colorado and opened it to the opinion pages to see what sort of opinions northern Coloradans had these days. I was disappointed and annoyed to find that northern Coloradans apparently have no opinions and so are constrained to borrow or buy them from New York. Unsurprisingly, New York has only one opinion.

And so there you had two New York Times columnists, both going on ad infinitem, both decrying President Trump’s recent rally in North Carolina. The rally where the crowd chanted, “Send Her Back.”

There was no distinguishing one writer’s opinion from the other.  “…white Americans unite in frenzied hatred of a black woman.”  “…a racist demagogue … incites a mob.” The one writer compared the scene to the immolation-lynching of a black “weak-minded fellow” in 1893. The other drew comparisons to the anti-Catholic riots of 1844, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the internment of Japanese-Americans in 1942.

Racist. Racist. Racist.

I asked my wife to read these two opinions to me as we drove home, and she couldn’t do it. She had to stop after a few paragraphs. Can you blame her?

The totality of this diatribe is positively soul poisoning. That’s what you served up to your readers last Monday, soul poison from New York. If I hadn’t had GPS, I might have thought we had wandered onto the Front Range.

Let’s be clear. Nobody was tortured or killed at the rally. Nobody rioted. No violence at all occurred. And nobody was prohibited from entering the country or dislocated to an internment camp.

A more reasonable and plausible explanation of the rally is that normal, God-fearing, hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens of these United States, upon whom we rely for this country to function, spontaneously found a succinct three-word phrase to voice their opposition to a government policy that imports to our country at their expense from forsaken corners of the world leftist malcontents who are then ghettoized in sufficient concentrations that they are able to elect one of their own to Congress.

It’s New York Times columnists and their ilk who are doing the inciting, inflaming passions with racially agitational provocations intended to arouse and anger and intimidate. Race has nothing to do with it. If Ilhan Omar thought like Candice Owens, you can be sure, the chant would have been “Send Us More.”

Stephen W. Baum

Phoenix, Arizona

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