Stephanie Juneau: Amendment 73 is good idea |

Stephanie Juneau: Amendment 73 is good idea

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights, passed by the voters in 1992, removed from the legislature and all other levels of state government the power to enact tax legislation. Instead, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights requires any new tax measure to go to a vote of the people.

Amendment 73 is that vote for public education in Colorado.

Amendment 73 supports the basic belief that public schools are the pillars of thriving communities throughout Colorado. To keep schools and communities thriving, every student needs access to the effective opportunities and supports necessary for success in college, career and life, such as inspiring teachers, rigorous and broad curriculum, individual attention, quality career and technical options and appropriate mental and physical health resources.

Amendment 73 will raise $1.6 billion in additional, sustainable revenue for our schools, bringing them closer to the national average in school funding. The initiative will distribute resources to all school districts throughout Colorado. In addition, it will ensure that decisions about how to spend those new dollars are made at the local level.

Vote “yes” on 73.

Stephanie Juneau

Steamboat Springs

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