Steamboat WonderGuide: What to bring |

Steamboat WonderGuide: What to bring

Warm clothes and accessories

If you're skiing all morning and / or dancing like a fool, chances are your drying sweat will be getting pretty chilly, pretty quick. Plus, as soon as the sun goes down, temperatures will drop like a mic. Layering clothes, keeping an extra layer on hand, wearing wool instead of cotton, having extra warm socks, gloves, hats and winter boots — even having a pack of hand and toe warmers — will keep you happy, toasty and grooving, instead of regretfully shivering in the warming tent as you snuggle with a cup of hot chocolate.

Fun, eco-friendly clothes

Ski onesies, 80's jackets, neon anything, wigs and other ridiculous costumes are encouraged! If you're in the market for absurd clothing, Steamboat's second-hand shops are full of gems. Feather boas and glitter are discouraged because of their impact on the environment (see Beginner's Guide to Festival-ing: Sustainability).

Reusable water bottle

Free water fill-up stations will be available throughout the festival, as will reusable water bottles for purchase (no single-use plastics will be sold). Staying hydrated during a festival is key, especially for festivarians coming from lower altitudes. Water bottles must be empty when they're brought into the festival.

Sunscreen and polarized sunglasses (ski goggles work too!)

Sunny Colorado bluebird days are delightful for both skiing and festivals, but only if we're prepared for them. At 6,900 feet, the ski area base gets bright, hard sun that will roast bare skin and turn snow dangerously bright and sparkly. Forced squinting and watering eyes are less fun.


Bring back the tissue's more classic, more eco-friendly cousin! Leaky noses can put a damper on singing along to your favorite song. Bonus points for fun patterns.

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Comfortable footwear

A ski boot can be 5 pounds; a pair of those will no doubt weigh down your feet and your dancing. Heels will probably end disastrously. Comfortable, walkable, danceable winter boots with at least one pair of warm socks are ideal.

Photo ID

Beer and cider tastings are available from 2 to 5 p.m. daily in the beer tents, plus drinks for sale, for those 21 and older.


Print your ticket at home, or save the paper and download the Eventbrite app instead.


If a snack can fit into your pocket, bring it! Snacks that will be crushed to smithereens or that will melt in a pocket are less than ideal. Coolers and picnic baskets are not allowed into the festival. Food from local vendors and food trucks will also be available for purchase.

Non-toxic pen or marker

Having a tool to write phone numbers, addresses, parking spot information, artful inspiration, epiphanies and other notes on your hand can be incredibly helpful.

Canned goods to donate

On Saturday, the festival will feature a tent by the festival entrance to collect goods, which go toward local nonprofit Lift Up of Routt County, a provider of emergency assistance to unemployed or impoverished individuals and families in the form of food banks, a thrift shop and self-sufficiency programming. For each canned good donated, you can enter to win WinterWonderGrass 2018 tickets.

Less is more

Lugging around too much weight is no fun, and having too much mass attached to you will impede your ability to dance without bumping fellow festival-goers. Plus, bringing more things means you have more things to lose. Fanny packs and small backpacks are great for fitting in the essentials without over-packing.