Steamboat Springs Planning Department makes changes to fee schedule |

Steamboat Springs Planning Department makes changes to fee schedule

Steamboat’s Planning Department has changed up its fee schedule to better match the price of its planning services with the amount of staff time it takes to perform them.

Planning Department Director Tyler Gibbs said the audit of the fees also took into account the value of the services being provided.

“We all sat down and went line by line and bumped up a few (fees) where we knew it was taking significantly more effort, and knocked them down where it wasn’t taking as much time,” Gibbs said.

According to the department, the biggest changes include the introduction of a fee and application for substantial conformance reviews, zoning verification letters, administrative vesting extensions and development or improvements agreements that are associated with final development plans or final plats.

In other changes, fees for pre-applications, lot line adjustments and eliminations, minor adjustments, conditional uses and PUDs went up.

Waterbody setback fees and fees associated with preliminary plats with multiple variances were among the charges that went down.

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The new fee schedule can be viewed at or below this story.

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