Steamboat Springs morning roundup for Monday, April 29 |

Steamboat Springs morning roundup for Monday, April 29

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• During a two-hour meeting, Democratic freshman representative Diane Mitsch Bush didn’t shy away from any political hot topics as she also discussed her positions on several other pieces of legislation. At lively town hall in Steamboat Springs, state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush defends gun control measures

• Two years ago pickleball wasn't even an afterthought of a sport in Steamboat Springs, viewed similar to badminton, if anything at all. A tournament Sunday at the Tennis Center showed just how much that's changed. Pickleball catching on in Steamboat Springs

• After a few days of sunshine and warm temperatures, weather forecasters are predicting a blast of winter-like weather will return to Steamboat Springs on Tuesday. Winter-like weather returns to forecast in Steamboat Springs

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