Steamboat Springs High School faculty, staff: We take hate crimes seriously |

Steamboat Springs High School faculty, staff: We take hate crimes seriously

The staff and faculty of Steamboat Springs High School would like to share with the community that we are taking the current events related to hate crimes in our workplace very seriously.

We hope you are aware that our administration is thoroughly investigating every lead to find out who is/are the perpetrators of these despicable acts. Each incident has been reported to the Steamboat Springs Police Department. We support and trust our administrators and know they are pursuing this sensitive issue with the due diligence that it deserves.

The Steamboat Springs High School faculty and students work together throughout the school year to foster an atmosphere of respect and to ensure the inclusion of all students, no matter their race, origin, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, or any other aspect of their individuality.

We appreciate your support and concern.


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Teachers and staff of Steamboat Springs High School: Babette Dickson, Deirdre Boyd, Beth Gravelle, Larry Gravelle, Katie Gustin, Lauren Curcio, Jamie Kearns, Clint Koehler, Thomas Brown, Danica Moss, Dennis J. Hensen, Jenny Frithsen, Lucianne Myhre, Julie Brownell, Paul Scoppa, Chris Ruff, Lisa Ruff, Jenny Shea, Morgan Kraska, Cathy LaPointe, Janine Iacovetto, Dani Booth, Melissa Jones, Kari Faulk, Greg LaPointe, Bonnie Robertson, Leslie Hunt, Corinne Sommerfeld, Becca Utu, Ann Brenner, Karen Dingle, Kelly Erickson, Shelby DeWolfe, Melissa Heskett, Naomi Lang, Nate Boisjoli, Lynne Koehler, Nicole DeCrette, Erin Becker, Suzy Bouzo, Ted Moss, Randy Homan, Monica Feagler and Jill Barker