Steamboat Springs Arts Council announces 2017 Re-Grant winners |

Steamboat Springs Arts Council announces 2017 Re-Grant winners

This piece is by local artist Lance Whitner, who was selected as one of the 2017 Re-Grant winners for her “Mountain Mural” project, which will be painted on the Pine Moon Fine Art Building in spring 2018.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — The Steamboat Springs Arts Council has awarded funding to three creatives through its Re-Grant program.

Intended to provide support to organizations that have the potential to make a positive impact on Steamboat's arts and culture community, the program awards a total of $5,000 each year and is funded by the city of Steamboat Springs Arts and Culture Coalition Fund.

"The three who were chosen all help creatives in the Yampa Valley," Dagny McKinley, SSAC development coordinator, said. "The grant is intended to provide opportunities for creatives who don’t have a nonprofit organization and wouldn’t otherwise qualify for larger grants."

Recipients include:

  • Chula Beauregard for her “Ranching the Future: project, $700
  • Steamboat Skating Club for a full theatrical production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" involving over 100 skaters, $2,000
  • Lance Whitner for her “Mountain Mural” to be painted on the Pine Moon Fine Art Building in the spring of 2018, $2,300

An independent committee reviewed all five of this year’s applicants and looked at how each proposal would affect the community as well as help artists further their careers.

The committee chose the three winners based on their goals of establishing innovative programs, creatively addressing a community issue, having a social impact and encouraging collaboration between organizations and artists.

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Two of the three winners took advantage of open office hours with Kim Keith, SSAC executive director, who offered help tailoring the applicant’s grant requests, and those two were also awarded the full amount of the funding they requested.

The Ranching for the Future project involves the Carpenter Ranch, two artists-in-residence, Beauregard and Camille diTrani, and the community of Hayden. Beauregard's intent is to use the project as a way to spark discussions on environmental conservation and ranching through the project's outreach materials – a fine art exhibit and printed book.

The Steamboat Skating Club's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" production intends to involve over 100 skaters ranging in age from 3 to 50 and utilize U.S. Figure Skating Certified coaches who have participated as professional skaters in a variety of ice shows around the world along with backgrounds in professional theatrical coaching. The production is scheduled for March 30 and 31, 2018.

Whitner's “Mountain Mural” project aims to encompass a kaleidoscopic landscape of local flora, fauna, trees, meadows and mountains as a captivating scene for visitors to see as they walk or drive downtown past Pine Moon.

"The Re-Grant program is here to help artists," McKinley said. "There are so many valuable and impactful projects this money could help."

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