RECIPE: E3 Chophouse’s The Empress’ New Clothes |

RECIPE: E3 Chophouse’s The Empress’ New Clothes

Rena Day's new signature cocktail at E3 Chophouse, The Empress' New Clothes.
Audrey Dwyer

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Beyond the rustic roots of E3 Chophouse — with its mouth-watering steaks, entrées and lobster macaroni and cheese — the signature cocktails tell a story of their own.

House-made infusions range from the cherry, vanilla and cinnamon bourbon, to tequila infused with jalapenos raspberries and pineapple.

Cocktail bartender and mixologist extraordinaire, Rena Day shares an inside look at how to make one E3’s new, up-and-coming cocktails, The Empress’ New Clothes.

Inspired by the Empress 1908 gin, this particular gin, Day said, is infused with butterfly pea blossom giving it the distinct indigo hue.

A gin with a twist and the addition of a citrus or tonic, Day said the Empress gin turns from indigo to a light lavender or soft pink color.

“It’s like a lavender limeade with gin, with some floral notes to it as well,” Day said.


E3 Chophouse’s The Empress’ New Clothes recipe


1.5 ounce of Empress 1908 gin

1 oz ounce freshly squeezed lime juice

0.75 oz of lavender simple syrup

Lavender powder

Edible flowers for garnish


Start by adding the Empress gin to a cocktail shaker.

Then, add lavender simple syrup, which can be made like tea by adding three tablespoons of lavender to hot water and sugar, letting it sit overnight and straining the next day. Then, add your freshly squeezed lime juice.

Next, add ice and pour the mix into shaker. Give it a good shake and strain into the glass.

Last, add the lavender powder — made with sugar and lavender buds ground by a mortar and pestle. Top it off with the colorful edible flowers for garnish.

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