Steamboat police unveil new black-and-whites |

Steamboat police unveil new black-and-whites

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Residents are already taking note of the newest police cars cruising the streets of Steamboat Springs.

Beginning Wednesday, officers started using two new vehicles with the classic black-and-white police car color scheme.

"I'm already getting citizen comments of support," Commander Annette Dopplick said. "That's kind of exciting that they are getting excited about it."

In recent years, the police department has been using white cars with blue decals.

The move to black-and-whites is an effort to make police more visible on the streets and in neighborhoods.

"People want to know that we are out there, and this is a little more recognizable," Commander Jerry Stabile said. "We want people to know we are in their neighborhood."

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Police Chief Cory Christensen had a desire to transition the fleet to the more traditional style. The cars are also more visible in winter conditions.

Stabile noted the paint scheme is more universal, which will be helpful for international visitors.

While two cars currently feature the new paint, future cars will be painted the same way as part of the city's fleet maintenance.

The cars come from the factory painted black.

City workers then apply a white, vinyl overlay on the doors. The city's logo of a horseshoe and a spur are painted on.

Electronic equipment, public safety enhancements and other customer features are also installed by the city.

The police department plans to offer the public several opportunities in the future to check out the new cars.

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