Steamboat man’s passion for flavor leads to cold brew Butter Bean Coffee |

Steamboat man’s passion for flavor leads to cold brew Butter Bean Coffee

Liberty Adams holds a couple of bottles of his cold brew creation, Butter Bean Coffee, which will soon be available at Mountain Brew Coffee. (Photo by John F. Russell)

Liberty Adams has a passion for creating new tastes, and now the Steamboat Springs businessman is launching Butter Bean Coffee, a new cold brew that he has created.

“I’m very interested in doing different things and putting out different products,” said Adams, who started NEWZ flavoring earlier this year. “Hopefully, this is just the start of things that I want to do.”

Adams said the new Butter Bean Coffee cold brew is the first of many more drinks he hopes to offer.

Customers will be able to purchase the bottled coffee drink at Mountain Brew Coffee in Steamboat Springs starting this weekend, shop owner Alan Hansen said.

“I have some other ideas for uplifting drinks and mood-changing drinks using terpenes,” Adams said. “I also want to create drinks that enhance creativity and anti-stress drinks using stuff like β-caryophyllene, which is found in black pepper.”

Hansen, who purchased Mountain Brew in January, said he is excited to add another locally produced item to the menu at his downtown coffee shop. Mountain Brew already features honey from Outlaw Apiaries and J&J Honey, honey caramels from Bee Grateful Farms and Hayden Fresh Farm Eggs.

“We’re just going to try to keep it the locals place,” Hansen said. “We change our display case every so often, but everything is fresh baked in house. Nothing is brought in from the outside.”

Hansen said making sure Mountain Brew reflects the community is important, and he is thrilled to partner with Adams.

“It’s a good product, and I think it’ll do well,” Hansen said. “This is something you can walk in and purchase right out of the case. It’s similar to coming in and buying a bottle of water or buying a bottle of soda or orange juice.”

Hansen said Mountain Brew offers its own cold brew as well, but Adams’ cold brew will be a convenient option for those who are in a hurry or want to try something new.

Adams said the goal of his cold brew was to take the bitterness out of the coffee and make the drink subtle enough to allow him to add different flavors that are not normally found in coffee drinks. To do this, he reduced the acid that is normally found in coffee and then pulled out a lot of the harsh, bitter flavors in a process that is similar to the way cheese is made.

“Coffee is super bitter, and I asked myself, ‘Why hasn’t anyone tried to take the bitterness out of coffee?” Adams said. “I took it more as a challenge.”

He said he started working on the idea in December, formed NEWZ flavors six months ago and started offering samples of Butter Bean Coffee three weeks ago. He also got a HACCP — Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point — certification, which allows Adams to produce and bottle his coffee drinks.

“With it having such a light taste, we can do flavors that couldn’t really be used with coffee before,” Adams said. “Flavors like orange can shine through it now and flavors like blueberry, which is really soft … blueberry and coffee are great together.”

Adams decided to focus on Butter Bean Coffee first and will be introducing other flavors in the future. He is also dabbling in other nonalcoholic drinks and maybe even candy.

“I have an obsession with flavors and drinks, and my overall goal is to come up with a few drinks, partner with somebody and make some money, so that I can open up a non-alcoholic bar in a candy shop,” Adams said.

“I want a really small storefront with four or five barstools,” Adams explained. “A place where I can do a lot of gastronomy, do everything nonalcoholic and just based around the whimsical — kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

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