Steamboat Free Summer Concert Series: Survival Guide |

Steamboat Free Summer Concert Series: Survival Guide

Concert-goers eagerly waiting for the headlining act of the Free Summer Concert Series to take the stage.

Whether you’re new to the Steamboat Free Summer Concert Series or a seasoned local, here are a few things you should know before you go.

Concert Etiquette – don't be that guy/girl

If you're tall, don't stand in front of someone shorter than you. Please. It's awful, and we all are there to see and enjoy the show. If you're lucky enough to make it to the front of the crowd, appreciate your concert real estate and don't ruin it for others by loud talking during songs or obnoxiously heckling the musicians. Also, don't try to climb on stage, embarrassment will be your only result.

Go ahead and dance, but special awareness is key.

Yes, I know, sometimes you just can't stop groovin' but getting hit in the head or having beer spilled all over is no fun for anyone. Plus it ruins your dance mojo. Stay clear of others, especially those who don't feel the need to bust a move.

Phones – put them away

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You don't need it. Experience the few hours you have at the show without worrying about posting the best Insta photo or witty tweet. Can't find your friends? I promise you they are somewhere nearby, it is a town meeting after all. Chances are you will run into them. Enjoy the show.


High altitude, dancing and the summer heat – yeah, don't forget your Nalgene. There will be "water monsters" available to fill up water bottles throughout the show. Bring your Nalgene with you. A good strategy to keep your hydration in check is to balance every serving of alcohol or coffee with 12 ounces of good old H2O. Feeling alert and level headed is well worth frequent Porta-John trips.

Finding the best concert-viewing spot

Arrive early to get the spot you want – hey, you might make it in time for Happy Hour at the show — 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. with two-for-one drinks. Just know that if you decide to be up front, the view may be blocked by those affected by fandom of any given musician.

Be on the lookout for:

• The Mule Barn! No, not the one with fur – the one that involves a crafty amount of lemon and ginger beer. The Mule Barn is the concert series’ newest bar and it’s serving Moscow and Kentucky mules.

•The "End of Summer Jam" — a new mini-festival that will close out the 2017 Series season, which will be announced soon, according to Coleman Cook, president of the Steamboat Free Summer Concert Series board. The event will also include performances from the eight-piece New Orleans brass band Soul Rebels and local bands Yer State Birds, Small Town World and Wheelhouse.

Inside Scoop on the Locals Lounge:

The Butcherknife Brewing Co. Locals Lounge, also known as the VIP area, will be located closer to the stage this year. The series board has added a 10×20 tent, light appetizers, tables, lights and fire pits. There is also an exclusive full bar and private Porta-Johns. It's available to a limited number of concert-goers who purchase a season pass for $200 via

Bring these – not those

• Less is definitely more so make sure to only pack the essentials.

• Layers – a long sleeve shirt or jacket and rain jacket wouldn't hurt – the show will go on, rain or shine – sunscreen, bug spray a blanket or chairs.

• Leave the pets at home. Smoking is prohibited in the concert site. Outside food and beverages are not allowed at the shows. Food, drinks, beer and bottled alcoholic drinks will be available for sale at the show (beer sales support the concert series, especially to get bigger acts in the future). Credit cards are accepted to get tokens in exchange for beverages.

If you've never been, what to expect

"It's Steamboat's version of social networking," said Coleman Cook. "It's an incredible community event for locals and visitors alike. And yes, it is free."

How to get there

Driving is probably not a good idea (plus there's very limited parking). Leave the car at home and opt to ride your bike, walk or take the free bus.

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The Vendors:

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Skull Creek Greek

QLive Crew Asian BBQ

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Steamboat Meat & Seafood

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