Steamboat Fire Rescue responds to fire in Fairview neighborhood |

Steamboat Fire Rescue responds to fire in Fairview neighborhood

When Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue crews arrived at 1260 Manitou Ave. in the Fairview neighborhood Tuesday morning, they found smoke pouring out of a small outbuilding located at the back of the property.

"I could smell something burning like, newspapers. I was hoping that it wasn't in our house," said Patty Rockwood, a neighbor who lives a few houses down from where the fire was located.  "My husband was outside working on bikes, so I went out and asked him if he smelled anything and then I looked to my left and saw all the smoke. My husband called 911, and I ran over to make sure no one was in there."

The crews entered the structure shortly after arriving and completed a preliminary sweep looking for a man who may have been living in one of the structures on the property. No one was located during that sweep or another that was conducted after the fire was extinguished.

Flames were not visible when crews from Steamboat Fire Rescue arrived, and they were able to enter the building and put out the blaze a few minutes later.

Fire Chief Mel Stewart said his team got the call for a structure fire before noon, and the reporting parties could see flames and smoke but did not know if  there was anyone inside.

"We responded with two ambulances, an engine and a command truck,” Stewart said. “Ambulance 62 got here first and made entry to do a quick search. All they could find was that it was smokey, and there were no victims. They came back out, and we started attacking the fire.

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“The primary and secondary searches didn't find anybody in the outbuilding, and we have the fire out now,” Stewart said. “We are just investigating now and putting out a few hot spots."

The cause of the fire has not been determined.

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