Steamboat cyclists show well in time-stretched event |

Steamboat cyclists show well in time-stretched event

— The cycling season may seem over for many riders, but a group of Steamboat Springs racers put together another solid weekend Saturday and Sunday at the 25 Hours of Frog Hollow in Hurricane, Utah.

Bec Bale was second in the solo women's division. Mike Sharkey was fourth in the solo men’s. Rob Peterson was third in the solo men's singlespeed, and the team of Liana Gregory, Helen Jones, Reall Colbenson and Erin Dargis won the women's team division. OK, they were the only four-person women's team, but they did finish 17 laps of the 13.1-mile course.

"The lead switched around for the first few laps between a few of us," Bale said. "Overnight, Ellen Guthrie took the lead. She was definitely climbing faster than me, and while I had a slight advantage over her on the downhill and technical sections in the daytime, once we were under the lights, my blurry eyesight from the dust and wind bothered me, and I had to slow down."

Bale finished 16 laps and had the chance to start a 17th but didn't have a chance to take the lead.

"I was happy to break 200 miles in a race, so I was happy with the outcome," she said.

The race is unique even for such massive events. By racing on the night of the daylight saving time change, it manages to squeeze 25 hours of action between its 10 a.m. start and 10 a.m. finish.

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Sharkey finished 17 laps, and Peterson finished 14.

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