Steamboat briefs: Candlelight Festival of Lessons and Carols is 5 p.m. Sunday |

Steamboat briefs: Candlelight Festival of Lessons and Carols is 5 p.m. Sunday

The St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Choir and the Steamboat Chamber Singers are presenting a Candlelight Festival of Lessons and Carols at 5 p.m. Sunday at the Sanctuary of St. Paul’s at Ninth and Oak streets. The festival is free, and hot apple cider will be served. The lessons come from Hebrew prophets and Luke’s story of the birth of Jesus. Interspersed will be musical offerings by the Choir of St. Paul’s and the Chamber Singers under the direction of Teri Rose. Attendees will have the chance to sing traditional seasonal music, as well.

Atmos urges caution with regard to carbon monoxide

Atmos Energy is reminding customers to take steps to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, and prolonged exposure can be fatal. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, sleepiness, weakness, vomiting, dizziness and tightness in the chest. If you or your family members experience these symptoms, call 911, stop using the suspected gas appliance until it has been inspected, and call Atmos Energy at 1-866-322-8667.

To help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning:

■ Install carbon monoxide detectors on all floors where bedrooms are located.

■ Do not idle a car in an attached garage.

■ Make sure chimneys and flues are clean and unobstructed and that appliances and portable heaters have proper ventilation systems.

■ Remove clutter from around gas furnaces and water heaters, and change furnace filters regularly.

■ Do not use natural gas ovens as a heating source.

■ Do not use charcoal indoors.

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