Steamboat adoptable pets: Bon Jovi the cat and Apollo the dog |

Steamboat adoptable pets: Bon Jovi the cat and Apollo the dog

Luscious, long-haired beauty Bon Jovi is a 2-year-old male. He is a sweet and social guy looking for his forever family. He was brought to the shelter as a stray, and no one came forward to claim him, but he is the life of the party in the cat room. He is easygoing and tends to like every person and animal he meets. Bon Jovi may need a little help when it comes to maintaining his hairstyle, but it's all worth it when you feel how soft and silky he is. He loves to be petted and lounges in his cat bed, but don’t worry, he’s always careful not to mess up his hair. "Never say goodbye" to this rockstar and bring him home with you today.

Handsome Apollo is a male, 4-year-old, blue nose pitbull. Though he looks like a tough guy, he is actually just a big couch potato and professional snuggler. Each morning, Apollo likes to run and grab his favorite toy to show it off to everyone followed by chewing on his Kong until he has ensured that every little speck of peanut butter inside has been consumed. He loves going on long walks and eating snow along the way.

Apollo has had four chances at a home, but none have been able to fully provide the care, environment and training he needs. He will need someone who can work with him consistently and really get to know him before putting him into challenging social situations. He is the kind of pup who would prefer not to go to the dog park or to crowded places dense with people and other animals, at least not until he is comfortable and feeling fully secure with his new family. He would rather just hang out at the house and go for walks around the block until he really settles in. Apollo would like to be the only pet in the home because he's a lot to love all on his own. Please call Routt County Humane Society to arrange a first meeting with this very handsome guy. His adoption also comes with a free dog-training session to help his new family with a very successful transition.

For more information on Bon Jovi, Apollo and other adoptable pets, contact the Routt County Humane Society at 970-879-7247 or visit