Steamboat Academy of Music hopes to hit high note with families |

Steamboat Academy of Music hopes to hit high note with families

Holly Fielding, owner of the Steamboat Academy of Music, stands in the main room that will be used for group lessons. (Photo by John F. Russell)

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Holly Fielding is hoping to hit the right note this year as she brings a new concept, the Steamboat Academy of Music, to Steamboat Springs.

“It’s a legitimate music school with a structure like a school. People register and take lessons on a weekly or a monthly basis,” Fielding said. “We teach private lessons and group lessons as kind of a combined offering.”

The longtime music teacher thinks that combination of lesson types is beneficial in the learning process.

At a glance

Old building, new life

The Academy of Music is one of four businesses that recently moved into a building at 2645 Jacob Circle in Steamboat Springs. Other businesses include: the Steamboat Arts Academy; CrossFit Steamboat; and Rocky Mountain Karate.

Igort del Haya, who bought the building last fall, has set out to create a unique spot in Steamboat Springs and he is pleased with the mix of businesses who are leasing space from him.

Steamboat Arts Academy

The Steamboat Arts Academy opened its doors to children, age 3 to 18, earlier this month, offering classes in classical ballet, contemporary and introductory theater, improv, musical theater and vocal training.

“I really do like that we are all really different,” said Steamboat Arts Academy’s Celina Taylor about the Jacobs Circle location. “You may have a kid who loves karate and then decides that he wants to learn how to play the piano or try a theater class. I think it’s kind of neat that we have this crossover.”

CrossFit Steamboat

CrossFit Steamboat opened the door nine years ago in the mid-valley business center, but just recently found its new, larger 4,000-square-foot home.

“This is our last stop,” said Dana Forbes, co-owner. “We love this location. It’s really cool that we have these kind of ‘like’ businesses that support health and wellness in the community all in the same building.”

Steamboat Karate Academy

The Steamboat Karate Academy has been teaching martial arts to children and adults in Steamboat Springs for 18 years, and for the last 10 years, the studio has been based 440 S. Lincoln Ave.

“We moved at the end of May,” owner and main instructor, Kyle Olsen said. “The biggest thing is the neighbors. There are so many kids running around, and it’s just a good environment.”

“The social aspect of learning, for kids especially, is pretty important,” Fielding said. “They tend to learn best when they can also do it in a group setting. They can get private instruction, so that they can reach a certain level. But then they get to go into a social setting and show off a little bit, which is what most kids like to do.”

Fielding’s new business is one of four like-minded businesses that have moved into a building on Jacob Circle in West Steamboat owned by Igort del Haya.

“This town is basically a cross between fitness and the arts,” Fielding said. “I can’t tell you how many of my students are trying to get into Olympics … but then they also do music, and they are pretty serious about both.”

The Steamboat Music Academy will be offering piano, violin, cello, viola, bass and vocal lessons in a recently re-finished space inside the old TIC training building.

Fielding’s plan is to team up with other music teachers in the Steamboat Springs area to offer a more complete approach to the lessons in the school’s 580-square-foot studio space.

“It is becoming more of a school setting rather than an individual private studio,” Fielding said. “But we still serve students individually.”

The school includes a large classroom that will be used for group lessons and two smaller rooms that will be used for private lessons. The concept is to run the school as a single enterprise while blending the talents of local music teachers.

Fielding said parents will have an opportunity to work with a single person to set up the appropriate lessons their children want. The school will take care of the rest, including scheduling, makeup lessons and group lessons. They may even schedule substitute teachers for when the regular teacher is sick or out of town.

“It takes all the difficulties that a music teacher and a student would face and simplifies it, so that it just makes it easier on everybody for their planning and their schedule,” Fielding explained.

Fielding, who has taught in Steamboat Springs for 30 years, is also in charge of the Steamboat Children’s Orchestra. She said the orchestra has long been a way to get children involved in music, and now, she hopes that the Steamboat Academy of Music can build on that.

“We have something for everybody,” she added. “If you can afford lessons then great, let’s get you signed up and get you into them. If you can’t or you are still on the fence, try joining the orchestra and learn a little bit about the instrument and learn to play a little bit through that.”

Fielding said she is also looking forward to collaborating with the Steamboat Arts Academy, Steamboat Karate Academy and CrossFit Steamboat, which are all located in the same building.

“Let us help you make your after-school planning easier,” Fielding said. “Parents can drop their children off for three different types of classes and then take a class at CrossFit.”

Call 970-716-7262 for more information or to schedule a lesson.

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