Steamboat 2nd-graders thank organizers for Ski Town USA initiative |

Steamboat 2nd-graders thank organizers for Ski Town USA initiative

Printed below are letters from Soda Creek Elementary School second-graders to Lori Keefe, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and Christy Sports for hosting the Ski Town USA Initiative, which allowed second-grade students to ski for free at Howelsen Hill.

Thank you for inviting us to Howelsen Hill. I liked riding the poma. When I fell off of the poma, it was so funny. I loved skiing with my friends. I wish we could ski every Thursday. Sincerely, Sydney Soard

Thank you for inviting us to Howelsen Hill for the ski and snowboard day. I had a lot of fun. I wish our school was right in front of Howelsen. I would do anything to live there. I enjoyed skiing even though I flipped. Sincerely, Colin Shattuck

Thank you for inviting us to Howelsen Hill for the ski and snowboard day. I loved riding the magic carpet with my friend Edward and learning how to ski. Sincerely, Celeste Baca Mireles

Thank you so much for letting me ski. I had so much fun skiing on the poma. I liked skiing with my friends. Me and my friends skied at the poma too. I tried to do jumps. I loved them. Your friend, Loke

Thank you for a great day. I loved the terrain park! I have never once been on it. I liked skiing on Howelsen Hill. Your friend, Macaray

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Thank you for a great day. I have never skied with the people in my class. I went with my friend on the terrain park. I went up the poma for the first time. Love, Riley

Thank you. It was super fun. I usually ski at Howelsen Hill but I had fun because I have never went on The Face. I loved the terrain park. From, Anthony

Thank you very much for teaching us to ski and snowboard. I love that I had friends in my ski group. Lori, I'm glad you came up with this ski idea. It was really fun. I like both my coaches. My coaches are really friendly. I like riding the poma but it was a disaster. All second graders had fun I'm sure. I thought it was so organized. I love at the end when you guys gave us candy. It was really fun skiing in school. It was really fun with Wyatt, Torey, Heather, Lori, Quinn, Neill, Tommy, Johnny and Tommy. From, Madden

Thank you for letting us second graders ski with you. I had so much fun. Every volunteer was so nice and kind to us. They took time off work to be with us. Thank you Wyatt, Tommy, Tommy, Quinn and Mac. That was the best ski day I ever had. Lori, I am so, so, so, so, so, so, so glad you thought of this. Thanks for all the skiing days and most of all thanks for the candy. Love, Betsy

Thank you very much for volunteering. I like that you planned this in October so I know you worked hard. I like that you helped everyone who did not know how to ski. You were nice to everyone. You gave your best to us. I liked that you gave us the equipment. I want to thank Lori for all that you did. I would like to thank all the coaches too. I like that you took time out of work to help us. I like Howelsen Hill a lot. From, Peyton

Thank you very much. I like spending time with my coach and friends. Every coach is really kind. Thank you Christy Sports for giving me equipment. I liked having Neill and Torey teaching me. Thank you Lori for the candy you gave us at the end of the day. It was a great idea Lori. You are amazing. I had a blast! Sincerely, Carli