SSWSC Century Mark: Timothy R. Magill |

SSWSC Century Mark: Timothy R. Magill

Athletes and alumni look back on 100 years of memories

Timothy R. Magill, 54

Q. When were you in the club and what discipline?

A. From 1963 to 1983, I was a four-way skier until 1973 when I focused on Alpine and Nordic. Little Toots to F.I.S. to NOR-AM downhill racer.

Q. Who were your friends in the club?

A. My teammates, coaches and the kids that I helped teach to love skiing. I made many, many life-long friends that I still ski with today.

Q. What is your favorite club memory?

A. There are so many that it's hard to pick one. Winter Carnivals, skiing the big hill, first and every time, and the skiers that I have met. But it's got to be flying the big hill on skis.

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Q. What are you doing now?

A. I'm in Steamboat, skiing and jumping the big hill. I am a ski tuner at a local shop. I have been involved in the ski tuning business from 1976 to the present.

Q. What impact did the club have on you?

A. As in skiing, so it is with life. If you fall down or fail, don't be afraid of getting back up and trying it again. The club gave me the skills to go out into the world, to ski anything, anywhere in this world.