SSWSC Century Mark: Arielle Gold |

SSWSC Century Mark: Arielle Gold

Q. When were you in the club and what discipline?

A. I was in the club from age 8 until 16. In the beginning, I did all disciplines but chose to focus on halfpipe around the age of 12.

Q. Who were your friends in the club?

A. Ashley Berger, Spencer Tamblyn, Luke Kessler, Collin Jenks, Jo Rolls, Eric Rolls, Dylan Davidson, Jon Casson, Taylor Gold, Carter Smalley, Summer Smalley, Maddy Schaffrick, Nik Baden, Matt Ladley, Natalie Geer, Skylar Weir and a ton of other people.

Q. What is your favorite club memory?

A. I can't say that I have one specific club memory. Mainly, I just remember getting out of school every day and driving to Howelson Hill to ride. I was always so excited to see everybody and shred together. I miss it.

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Q. What are you doing now?

A. I am still snowboarding competitively. I'm traveling around the world with many of the same people that I grew up riding with, and trying to work my way up the rankings.

Q. What impact did the club have on you?

A. The club is the reason that I started snowboarding, and that I'm still riding today. Without the people that worked there, I probably would have never reached the level that I'm at, let alone started competing. Also, aside from snowboarding, through the club, I met so many amazing people who I hope to be friends with for years to come.

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